One of my favorite things about having 4 different seasons in Wisconsin is your wardrobe is constantly changing. I love the possibilities of taking "old" things your may have packed away from last year and forgotten about and transforming it- accessories really give your outfits life again.

I would say the easiest accessory I take advantage of especially when I am lazy is earrings. I feel like they can make lazy, messy hair bun days elevated. Find the perfect graphic tee, some ripped jeans, and sneakers- throw your hair up, but then add a great pair of hoop earrings, or a nice pop of color with a trendy earring. It gives the causal look a put together edge. Another easy accessory is a necklace- find necklaces you love! I can not recommend this enough and build looks around them. It changes how you wear different things. A long statement necklace can make a simple dress- elegant and perfect for a day out.

Accessories can be so many different things from a handbag to a Louboutin Pumps- they can make a statement or they can simply elevate your outfit. Sometimes it's best to push your comfort zones with fashion. When you are shopping (I personally do this) and you love a top, see how they have it accessorized or ask the sales associate how they would dress it up. Often it isn't a way you would have thought of and you may hate it lol- but you don't have to buy it. But you could love it and instead of just having a plain cute top that you didn't know just quite how to wear- you just found an outfit perfect for girls night!

Don't forget that  your style needs to speak of you- that is your biggest accessory. You should always be comfortable in what you wear and how you wear it. When you feel good and that confidence radiates off you there is no better accessory and its really the best part of finding any great outfit or anything really. Self love is always important!

So when in doubt remember have fun, ask for opinions and just be comfortable in what you are wearing!

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