About Us!

Hello Boutique Lovers!

Welome to Urban Chic Boutique retail shopping group.

This group is for boutique shoppers, just like you, who want that Urban feel and look of the big city without leaving town.  Build your style and express yourself.  Urban Chic Boutque has cute clothes with great prices.  Before you step out, we invite you to step into Urban Chic Boutique, where it is not only what you wear it is how you wear it!  We’re excited to have sizing from small thru extended sizes.  

Our Mission

When you reach into your closet you have clothing that not only make you look amazing, they make you feel amazing.  We provide trendy, stylish designs, including small through extended sizes  and we understand you  don’t want to be defined by one look, trend or by your age.  Express yourself in your wardrobe, we want you to feel unique, beautiful and amazing!

Our Founder

Urban Chic now an online retailer, is a branch of what our founder Jodi Krenz, is known for.

Her family and herself have been entrepreneurs for a pretty long time.  Jodi’s first venture was a travel agency, Travel Consultants.  Her husband Ron at this time grew Ginseng and raised buffalo.  In 1999, The Tanning Studio’s first location, was built, the second in Weston, a third in Plover,now boasting over 65 tanning beds.  Solstice Spa in Weston, established in 2005, specializes in massage therapy.

So how did Urban Chic Boutique fit in? At the end of 2015, things started to fall into place as our shopping, needs in our immediate city seemed to be dwindling.  The Tanning Studio, that offered crazy cute clothing is now Urban Chic Boutique, located in each of The Tanning Studio locations. Vacationing customers now have a place to find beachwear, dresses and fun styles during the winter months,and  as time passed our amazing  customers asked for seasonal items.   

We’re excited to see what the future holds! 

End Notes

We are a tribe  - each of our entities is run by some very magnificent people!  Jeremy Krenz, who is COO of the company, Ashley Hoppe Merchandizing Manager, Kassie Erickson, Manager of Weston, Kayla Dunbar Assistant Manager, Madi Ungerer, Assistant Manager, Sara Alstad Manager of Plover.   Each of these individuals understand the common culture of leading and each are a vital part of who we are.