It's the Weekend Activewear is MY go to! What is yours? 

Jodi Krenz 5/18/2020

Nothing like a great pair of yoga pants to lounge in.  My husband is not a yoga pant fan. If only yoga pants, were to trend for men, he would understand, what we love about a great pair of leggings or yoga pants!  Did I get this right?  Do you agree?

Thinking of trends. This spring above the knee yoga shorts have been a hit. I REALLY didn’t think I would, be a fan, but I LOVE them.  I am more like the traditional capri length girl.  What else is new in Yoga pants?  High waisted, of course.  I was curious, I didn’t know if I would like this trend, turns out, the high waist, holds in your tummy and make your muffin top disappear. Yea!

POCKETS in yoga pants. You can never have too many pockets. Side pockets that fit your cell phone, helps avoid having it lay on the gym floor, and someone stepping on it.  Like hey – didn’t you see? That floor space right there, is my cell phones area, CAREFUL.  The small little pocket inside the waistband, another great find.  Perfect for putting your jewelry into when lifting weights, (instead of setting on your phone on the floor).  Then the bonus pocket when your lucky that zips on the back waistline.  Great for your car keys when your going for a run up Rib Mountain or a few bucks for a protein shake at the gym. 

To complete an outfit you need a cute sports bra.  What I love about the high waisted yoga pant,  is sports bras trending with a wide band,  leave just a 3 inch gap! I don’t necessarily need to wear a shirt over it.   Other trends in sport bras?  Lacing up the back, accented trim, and color block.

Nothing is better than getting ready for the gym, looking in the mirror and thinking we got this girl.  And I don’t know about you, but I have more energy if I LIKE what I am wearing at the gym.  And then there are us girls that just love comfy clothes, no gym required!  Whatever it is, new clothes give us a boost of confidence.   

Take some time for a walk, run or a trip to the gym, this week!  You will be so glad you did.

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