The answer to that question thankfully is never!  The denim jacket is timeless.  YAY! 

Does anyone else have one in their car as a staple until we hit the winter months?  It is just always there, if I forgot a jacket and it is a little chillier than expected, it is my go to.  And I can’t think of anything, that it would not accessorize.

So what is trending?  Colors – you will see Ivory, cream and black as we roll into fall.  But beyond the colors of a jean jacket is fit and length.   

Oversized is in! Which is great for the Midwest, we can fit layers like a flannel or sweater under our jean jackets. And the oversized look also comes in shirt jackets with slight distressing. 


Short cropped with Ultra High Jeans is always a cute accessory.

Thigh length is a good transition and can replace a cardigan.  But our favorite is the Long Denim Jacket. 

Whether you prefer a light or dark wash, cropped or oversized, there's a denim jacket option out there for you.

There is no shortage of adorable styles to add to your fall wardrobe!  Stop in add get yours!

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