I will be the first one to admit I am definitely a hat girl! Baseball caps are one of my favorite accessories that you will find me wearing year-round. Baseball caps are a statement detail that instantly makes any look unique and more interesting. Wearing a cap is also an easy and quick addition to an outfit that can pull it all together.

Hats can be worn in many occasions. I myself, am an outdoors girl and spend lots of time outside on the boat or in the woods! Throwing on a baseball cap is a simple way to keep my hair in place, keep the heat/sun out of my eyes, and assure that I am still looking trendy out in the woods or on the water for the fish. My second favorite occasion to wear a hat is on a bad hair day. Let’s face it, we all have them! Maybe I went too many days without washing my hair or my hair is just is not cooperating. Whatever the scenario may be a baseball cap is perfect, because it will cover up whatever it is you are not liking, and no one will know!  Lastly if I put on an outfit and I am just not quite feeling it yet and it needs one more added accessory, I add on a hat! We have a variety of styles here at Urban Chic Boutique. We have hats to pair on those lazy days with sweats and a sweatshirt and we also have hats to pair with your favorite denim jeans and stylish top! Baseball caps are so versatile and will really add a touch to any outfit!

I often hear a lot of my friends and family say, “I am just not a hat person, I can’t pull them off!” My answer back to them every time is that you have not found the right hat then! Hats should be an accessory everyone has in their closets! When shopping for a hat the most important thing to look for is that it fits! You never want to purchase a hat that is too big or too small. Majority of our hats here at Urban Chic Boutique are adjustable, which allows them to fit on all different sizes of heads. Lastly, I always encourage my friends to never settle for a hat! Hats are a big statement piece so find one that you like! Focus on the color/design. Think about your wardrobe and make sure the hat is something you can see yourself wearing with your outfits! Try the hat on! Try it on with not only your hair down but your hair up as well. Urban Chic Boutique have lots of hats with ponytail holes to throw your hair up into!

Confidence is key! The best way to rock a baseball cap is to wear it with confidence!

Check out this video of Kelsey showing you more information on baseball caps and why they're her go to! https://www.facebook.com/urbanchicboutique/videos/724496648346473/

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