Handbags.  We love everything about them.  Their color, their texture, how they make us feel inside and how they make us LOOK on the outside!  A girl can never have too many….  An average woman owns 6 handbags.  I’ve always considered myself a little above average.  Years ago, I stuck with one style/size of a handbag. 

That is what I felt most comfortable with. 

Over the years, I have ventured outside of my comfort zone and have found a love for handbags in all different shapes and sizes!

Most recently, I have gotten into the love for a good backpack.  When backpacks first became popular, I thought to myself “I’m not in school, why would I want a backpack?”  Come to find out, backpacks have allowed me to carry lots of things (what I mean by things are the essentials…make up, hand sanitizer, a water bottle, and of course peanut M&M’s).  Backpacks evenly distribute weight to both of your shoulders and ensure you do not have a strain on your back.  They also allow you to be hands free, so you don’t have to worry about your handbag getting in the way!

My signature look throughout the years always included a tote.  A tote is another name for a large handbag.  I love having a tote.  You never know when you may stop at TJ Maxx and only buy one item (this is rare folks) and you can easily throw it in your tote vs having to use a plastic bag.  When I do not carry a tote, my other signature looks is a cross body handbag.  I love the security of the handbag and also allowing my hands free, same with the backpack.  I use a cross body if I need access to things a little quicker than I would with a backpack. 

One style of handbag that I could easily use another color option (or two) is the HOBO.  I’m sure you’re wondering why it is called a HOBO handbag.  The reason it is named HOBO is because the bag itself resembles the shape of a bindle on a stick that hobo’s are portrayed as carrying over their shoulder in drawings or cartoons.  This handbag is generally larger and characterized by a crescent shape.  They have a slouchy posture.  They are generally made out of soft, flexible materials.  When I go for a more casual look, my HOBO purse comes out of the closet. 

The reason for my outing is normally the reason for the change in my handbag.  Am I going casual or dressing up?  Will I have to carry other items where I am going?  That is what helps me decide which handbag to use that day.  I also want to be sure my outfit matches.  A rule of thumb is to have your shoes and handbag complement each other.  They do not have to match, but they should be similar colors or patterns.

Be sure to switch up your handbags...they all enjoy going with you wherever you go!

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