Cardigans are a great layering item if we do it right.  But did you know there is a wrong way to wear them? 

How can this look be sooo wrong?   Wearing a wide leg pant  jean with a short cardigan and you look short…

What do I change?  Wear a slenderizing jean with the same cardigan and it will elongate your legs giving a slimmer look. Tucking in your shirt and wearing a belt completes the look. And note a bulky top is a no no as well.    

Mid length cardigans never go away but at the same time in 2023 it is not as trendy. However, they are a classic, and there is nothing better than classic looks in our wardrobe! Unfortunately, they can look dated if we don’t wear them correctly. Don’t wear something baggy under it. Instead choose a cami, V-neck or rounded look, accessorize with a statement necklace and you can see how your eyes flow. Now let’s add the right pant and it brings it all together.

Your trendy cardigan length in 2023 will be the dusters and short cardigans.  Who can wear a duster? Everyone! Dusters lengthen our silhouette and are flattering on everyone. Wear with a pair of  jean shorts and tennis shoes for a casual look, or take the same duster with a high waist skinny jean or Faux pants, and tuck in the shirt! Add a wedge.

That is why we all love Cardigans!  The same piece can be so transitional!  

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