Fall is almost here, and I personally can not wait to bring out all things fall from my closet! The weather gets a little cooler and our trees get a little prettier. When I think of fall, I think of pumpkin patches, leaves changing colors, football, bonfires, pumpkin spice at everything, and most of all, sweater weather! My fall wardrobe is my all-time favorite wardrobe to bring out, I just wish it could last a little longer before that gross white stuff starts to fall from the sky. Every year there are tons of fall trends, so I am going to tell you about some of my favorite!

Sweater Weather! Like I said this is one of the things that pops into my mind when I think fall! It is a time where you can throw on a sweater and call it good! Sweaters are great layering pieces that are easy to throw on and off depending on the weather. Longer sweaters/cardigans are definitely popular this year! They look adorable paired with a skinny jean and booty or sneaker!

Plaids! Plaid patterns scream fall! A good flannel is one of my go to fall staple items. Again, it is super easy to throw on or take off and can be a great layering piece! If you get too warm a flannel always looks good tied around the waste! The latest trend I have been seeing a lot is a graphic tee with a flannel over the top or tied around the waste, so cute!

Sneakers! A good pair of trendy sneakers is always an easy add on to a fall outfit! Fall is kind of that weird in between weather at times where it is too cold for a sandal and too warm for a boot, so a sneaker is the perfect in between! Bold colors or fun patterns on sneakers is definitely a trend this fall! It makes your outfit unique and pop out.

Baseball Hats! A good hat is always a good addition to every outfit! I like a nice baseball hat in the fall because again its too warm for winter hats still. A baseball hat makes your outfit unique and trendy. Ponytail hats are a big trend this fall that have a loop to put in a high ponytail or bun. Distressing on hats is also a big trend. My distressed burgundy hat is my go-to fall hat! They are especially nice on a day I am not having a good hair day!

Oversized hoodies/long sleeve tops! This is a new big trend right in time for fall! Oversized long sleeve shirts are in and flying off the shelves. It gives your outfit an effortless look, but still has a trendy aspect to it. I love pairing a good lace bralette with an off the shoulder shirt! Lastly hoodies are another one of my favorites! This is an easy throw on for a bonfire or a trip to the pumpkin patch. In the fall I tend to gravitate more towards darker toned colors like burgundy, olive green, navy and burnt orange. Add a pattern to that color and you have another big fall trend. My favorite fall patterned hoodie would have to be flannel!

So, get your fuzzy socks out and a warm knitted blanket and curl up and enjoy this fall!

 Check out our video here and see Kelsey LIVE talking about some of her favorite fall trends. 

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