One of the trendiest new staples is adding in some graphic tees to your wardrobe. Graphic tees are so versatile and most importantly comfortable! Something we all want when we are picking out items for our closet. Typically, a tee shirt is the first thing we grab for a day of lounging at home or a lazy day out and about running errands, but they can actually be so much more than that! Yes, a graphic tee goes well with a comfy pair of sweats, but it will look just as good with a blazer and a pair of your favorite heels. Adding a graphic tee to a more sophisticated look adds in a unique pop and turns a simple look into a trendy one.

We have been styling graphic tees with an abundance of items recently and we are loving all of the different styles and looks a graphic tee will bring. As we said graphic tees can be worn with nearly everything, so let’s dive into those looks a little deeper and break them down, so you can start assembling your perfect look using a graphic tee!

Jeans/Jean short- This is a pretty easy one to style! Throw on a pair of your favorite skinny jeans or your go to summer shorts and pair it with a graphic tee! You can’t really go wrong with this one! Just make sure you are pairing the wash of your jeans well with the colors in the graphic tee!

Skirts/dress shorts- This is super in for the summer! Pairing a graphic tee with a dressier bottom gives a sophisticated outfit a little bit more of an edgy look. You can always tuck the graphic tee into the bottoms or tie the shirt to the side or in front depending on the waistline of the bottoms you are pairing with!

Dresses- This is the one style that sometimes people give me a funny look when I bring up! But it can look so cute with the right items! If you have a lot going on with the dress with colors or designs, I try to go with a more neutral graphic tee. You can always try to pick out colors in the dress that match the tee or complement each other nicely. Again, you can always tie up that graphic tee to the side or in front to help compliment the look better! This creates an effortless but trendy look that is also super comfortable and edgy!

So, get those graphic tees out and try some of these fun trendy looks! It’s a comfortable effortless style that adds a little bit of edginess to your look! Most importantly always make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your outfit! We are always here to help you achieve any of these styles!  


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