Tempted to cut those bangs?....did you do it already?

So as a former hairstylist(Kassie) Id love to give you some great tips on getting through this tough "hair" time. My biggest recommendation- DONT DO IT! Here's what you need to remember...
EVERYONE is struggling right now adjusting to their new normal. Whether it is homeschooling their own children or having hair that is less and less their style every day, its a struggle for everyone. IF you give yourself that bad haircut right now instead of just letting your good haircut grow out there is no one available to fix it. I don't know about you, but I would rather take some new styling tips (yup, we will get to those in a bit- you're welcome) than to walk around with a terrible haircut that I did myself. Need a color? Same advice, just don't! None of your friends have a great color right now either, and no one expects that your greys are covered currently.  You will be so thankful later that you just got tough and showed your roots. Once those salons open again, and I can assure you they will, your at home color might be something that they can not color over, or it can cause some serious issues trying to achieve the color that you are really hoping for this summer. Just say no. You'll thank yourself later.
Here's the good stuff. You can do some simple styling adjustments to make that grown out hair just a little bit more bearable. Simplest trick in the book- do a zig zag part. By doing so you are seeing less of the grown out hair along that straight part you normally do. 
Pulling you hair back loosely. We have some really great "hottie hair ties" that allow you to pull your hair back and loosen it around your face pretty easily. Those hair ties still keep your hair secure, but it doesn't have to be pulled tight to your head showing off that outgrown color to do so.
Teasing your hair just a little at the roots (or a little more than you normally do). This will help those of you who have shorter hair that is falling flat quickly, and those who have longer hair that is less than amazing right now. By teasing the hair it "blurs" the line of where your color is outgrown. 
Lastly- if all else fails- wear a hat. There are SOOO many cute hats out there right now that can be used more as an accessory than just a cover up for your less than perfect hair.
LOL- this last ditch effort can also be helpful if you decided to cut your own bangs and it didn't go as planned 🙂  Curls, straight hair and a braid are all acceptable styles to add a hat to, so no matter what you typically do with your hair, it might be a helpful option for you.

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