Fall is approaching and that means it is time for my all-time favorite apparel piece- HOODIES!! I love hoodies because they are extremely versatile and there is a hoodie for every and any event that you have planned for your year!

 If you are in the mood for a day on the couch of lounging and relaxing a good oversized, comfortable, and soft hoodie is just what you need! If you are headed out for an outdoor workout, walk, or bike ride a lightweight flexible hoodie is what you need for these cooler days. Maybe you have an event or party to go to, but you don’t feel like putting in a ton of effort? A cute hoodie with a cute design on the sleeves is all you need! It is easy to dress a hoodie up my pairing it with a nice pair of jeans and a cute sneaker, sandal, or boot. Then accessorize it! Add on a pair of statement earrings, a cute necklace or even a baseball hat.

I also love hoodies because they are an easy throw on piece when the temperature drops. As we move into fall, we will have those days where it is warmer out but then it cools down at night. If you are out at an evening football game, headed to a bonfire, or outside for drinks with friends a hoodie is the perfect item to bring along with you! It is a light-weight apparel piece that does not take up a bunch of space and is easy to throw on over any outfit!

With every new season we see new trends! One new trend that we are seeing with hoodies this year is tie dye! We saw a lot of this in spring that then carried its way into summer, and it is going to move right into fall with us! We are seeing more darker toned tie dye apparel with more fall like colors, but we are also seeing the brighter statement pieces of tie dye. It is all personal preference of course and all super cute! Tie dye is here to stay! Come fall we always see more floral detailed pieces. We have been seeing a lot of hoodies with a solid color for the body and then floral sleeves. This is perfect for fall because it is easy to pair with anything and dresses up your look in an effortless way! Lastly all those awesome fall colors and tones will be coming back that we all love! Expect to see lots of Greys, burgundy’s, burnt orange tones, mustard, olive greens and more!

Fall is my all-time favorite time of year and hoodies are my all-time favorite accessory to go along with it! I am so excited to shop with you all and pick out some cute hoodies for your wardrobe!

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