What is 90’s grunge? If you’re my age (1991 baby) you barely got to see the best of the flannel threads, combat boots, and band tees. Somehow this trend has made its way back to 2020 and to be honest I don’t hate it, but it took me a minute to figure out how to pair some 90’s vibes with some today’s trends to make an outfit I feel 100% comfortable in.


The biggest 90’s trend everyone has to get on board with- is high rise jeans (the mom jean). These were huge in the 90’s and well the 80’s too. The 90’s it was typically high rise, distressed, straight leg jeans. You cuffed it and you wore with combat boots. Now I love high rise jeans, give me the open fly with that nice button detail, but I am all about my skinny fit. I want my jeans to show off my curves, so personally I will pass on the straight fit and keep the today’s modern skinny fit. Our Kancan high rise skinny jeans are perfect for achieving the high-rise look- these jeans are FANTASTIC!



Every 90’s grunge outfit needed a classic grunge t-shirt. Whether it was your favorite band tee or just a grunge tee in general. You worked it with the high-rise jeans, a oversized cardigan, or a distressed flannel. But that tee was the staple look. Best part- everyone knows classic tees are super comfy.


So how do we make this grungy tee cute for a girl’s night out in 2020?  Easy! Lets pair it with a hot trend of 2020- a leopard animal print midi skirt! Making this outfit completely you and a dressier version of a 90’s classic! Maybe animal print just isn’t your thing- not an issue jean skirts are back throw on your jean skirt pair it with this grunge tee and rock some cute jewelry and your ready for your night out.


Here’s a couple of looks I threw together and remember its fashion is fun! Enjoy a taste of the 90’s baby! ALL these looks are available at www.urbanchicboutique.biz

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