Our favorite time of year is upon us!  We can get out our fall flannels and graphic tees. 

Your Graphic Tees can be dressed up by pairing with a skirt, for a low key grunge look that looks amazing for work or going out. Pair it with combat boots and you are set for the weekend! 

Style your graphic tee with jeans and a flannel and you're all set for the apple orchard, corn maze or pumpkin patch.  Another great look is tying your flannel around your waist for a little more color and flare and gives you a little curvaceous look.

And what do we all love most about fall, the colors we can grab a graphic tee and pair with our favorite  cargo pants!

Obvious with Jeans – it is always in style – but if it is oversize half tuck, full tuck with a belt or knot at the hop.  Wear it and rock it! What do I wear for shoes?  A great pair of Birkenstocks or blowfish tennis shoes.   Throw on a brimmed hat or your favorite cap to finish the look.  Here are some of ours!

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