What I love most about winter is the coziness of a fire along with Buffalo Plaid.  Nothing says, Northern Wisconsin, Snow and Winter as well as Buffalo Plaid.  So if you are  in love with it like I do, it is your season , take advantage of the trend.  It brings back memories of childhood for me.  My Grandfather and father coming in from hunting, in the fall, with the fresh crisp smell of wilderness. The comforting feeling of sitting on Grandpa's lap as he told tails of the hunt.  Yester years bring us to today, and when we have a relationship or memory with an item, it is a sure deal. Buffalo Plaid can be found on Handbags, Mittens, as an accent on Jeans, Sherpa Jackets and even Jewelry pieces.   I am true to Black and Red, but you will also find it with black as the base, with other hues, such as White, Cream, or Royal Blue. Look further and you will even see it trending to your favorite Sport Teams, including the Badgers and Packers.  

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