In the Pool- Staying Cooling! Swimwear Trends!

Are you a swimwear obsess-er? or do you have your one go to swimsuit and it's perfect?

We are going to break down some trends that we have seen in 2020 and what we are loving so far! Swimwear much like fashion itself changes every year. Some styles stick around longer and some we wish would go away fast!

The biggest trend this year is...Floral print!- Seems like this trend is staying around. If you want to rock a bikini or a one piece- you will see both style sin a fun floral print this season! Not surprising since floral is trending in apparel currently as well! Bold floral prints in bright colors. Orange has also made a pop back in this summer in swimwear!

My personal favorite swim trend is the cut out one piece! I wish I could buy every cute one piece- with cut out sides from cut out mid sections. this is such a fun play on a simple suit. You can have it in solid colors from prints but it really elevates your swimwear style.

A trend I am not so sure about- but is definitely prevalent especially in big cities- itty, bitty bottoms. You will see some cheekage with these bottoms and more of a higher cut V. Personally I can't pull this look off (I wish I could) but I love the look of it on. It really has changed up bikinis almost back to the 80's style! So you'll have to decide if you can rock this style or go with the complete opposite trend...

The high waisted bottoms. This is more my style- more coverage. I like the cute bikini top but I like all my waist and lady parts completely covered! Either way both trends are fabulous.

So that's a few swimwear trends for this summer- just remember the only trend that matters is what you feel sexy and comfortable in!

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