As we celebrate the Thanksgiving Season, some of us are still transitioning our closets.  It feels as if the Season came in full force this year, cold temps took us from fall to a winter feel. 

This is the perfect time of year to move "stuff" OUT of the closet.  Do a couple of evaluations.  Did I wear it last year? If not - why, and then either keep or out it goes.  Is the color still trending?  Is the length still trending?  Oh and the dreaded, does it still fit? UGH!

Next step, is to find a great place to take it.  A re-sale shop and make a few dollars? Good Will or another non-profit that you favor? 

Then move on to fun Holiday Season and pick up a few new trends for your closet.  Color Block, shades of Leopard, and Cheetah are a hit.  Thermal and fleece are necessities this season.   And don't forget Buffalo Print.  If you love it, it's back full force this season!


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