Man, the weather in Wisconsin lately has been amazing. It's nice that I don't have to wait 20 minutes for my car to warm up before leaving the house. With that being said, a lot of you cool cats are ditching the 40 degree weather and accepting the 80. degree weather. Who is going on vacation soon!? If you pack light enough, I can probably fit in your suitcase and tag along to go to the Bahamas or even Florida. Before you go on Vacay, make sure to stop in at Urban Chic Boutique and check out these killer swim suits we have.

My first pick is this astonishing tropical print bikini set.  The top took me a little bit to understand with the wrap & tie of it, but once I figured out how it went, it was ADORABLE.  The orange bohemian pattern with the cyan tie is a must for any tropical location.  I have it paired up with a bright pair of coral bottoms.  This swimsuit set definitely has an edgier, fun vibe to it, perfect for making a statement.  All you need is an ice cold margarita with salt around the rim, and boom.  GOOD. TO. GO. 

One of my other favorite new arrivals is our Elena lace up once piece swim.  It’s classified as a “green” but is more of an olive/greyish tie dye.  I’m digging the scalloped accents near the v-neckline of the suit.  Toss our Banana tie dye dress over the top for an easy & effortless coverup.  This swimsuit is perfect for whether you’re hanging out in town this summer at the Weston Aquatic Center, or alongside the swimming pool with again, a good ol’ margarita in hand.  Tie dye apparel has definitely made its comeback in 2020 and 2021, and I'm pretty thrilled about it. 

My last statement piece that I’m excited to share with you guys is our newest and truest T-Back Tankini, that we have in PLUS SIZES!!! I’m LOVING the neon Aztec print underneath the black tank.  It adds some “business in the back, party in the front,” vibe and I'm 100% for it. It also features a push up with the top, so for me that is a must.  Pair it up with a pair of solid black bottoms, or any blue/cyan/lime green would match perfect too. Snag the Glitz Slingback Sandal with any of these looks to add some instant glam. 

Well folks, I could go on all day about our newest summer attire, but I’ll leave the rest as a mystery... Just kidding. Make sure to shop on our website & join our email club to get exclusive offers & new apparel sent right to your inbox. Happy Vacationing!  Remember- I can fit in just about any suitcase size, and wear a size XL in strawberry margaritas.  

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