We love carrying all different types and styles of clothing. Anything that our client wants, we try and have it for you!

We featured made in America products this week on our live show and we were really impressed with how many of our vendors do make their apparel in the USA. It wasn’t something we were aware or really paid attention too. This live event really spread awareness to that and we are happily surprised that we have so many made in the US products!

We talked about a few Minnesota based jewelry companies we sell and their amazing work and message their companies help spread. From planting trees to helping Haiti, they hand craft their jewelry and give it a special purpose! Buying these items are a fun way to give back.

We also highlighted a few of our handbag companies. One only used vegan leather. The handbag variety is crazy. The feel is still luxurious and they have so many styles and colors. Just proving you don’t need real leather to have a great handbag! The second handbag company we spoke about is all about using 100% recycled materials and are truly into none wasting and repurposing for sustainability. These canvas bags are so nice and large. Perfect for a weekend bag or a carry on at the airport.

It’s fun having all these different companies in our boutique giving you many options to shop from and also supporting the US!

Catch the live show here if you missed it!

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