Jessica Bemowski  5/11/2020

Leopard is the new black. Leopard - a timeless fashion that you can wear year round. Leopard print is suitable for women of all ages.

With leopard, remember that less is more.  No matter how much you love a leopard print, you must keep its use with in limit.  Incorporating too many animal prints would make you look like a fashion victim.  It is important to wear one item at a time.  So if you are wearing a leopard dress, you don’t need to pair it with a leopard scarf, shoes or a handbag.  Similarly, if you want to wear a leopard handbag or shoes, the outfit you choose to wear should be something different.   You may see super models wearing a mix of different animal prints.  In our normal, everyday life, we may look a little different.  Let’s not get blinded what fashion runways or fashion magazines may display.  That is a very daring step.  Let’s keep ourselves confined to one animal print at a time.

You can easily jazz up leopard by adding a pop of color.  Pairing leopard print with a vibrant hue promises a fabulous fashion and sleek style.  Colors that go best with leopard can include white, brown, taupe and gold.  But don’t be afraid to add a strike of color with a bright pink accessory. 

Be bold!  Leopard prints can come in various colors.  Don’t be afraid to stray away from the traditional leopard color. 

Lastly, wear leopard with confidence!  You may feel nervous wearing leopard print for the first time.  If you wear something confidently, you will automatically look stylish!


Neon.  Neon!  NEON!  Neon clothing first became popular in the 1980’s because it was new, it was youthful and it was certainly bright and cheerful.  And you can certainly say the same for the entire decade (it may also be because I was born in the middle of it!).  You may ask yourself – what makes a color “neon”?  Another name for neon is fluorescent.  Fluorescent colors appear unnaturally bright because they are! 

The neon fashion trend is back!  Whether you love it or hate it, neon is one fashion trend that is here to stay!  Get ready to jump outside of your comfort zone! 

Similar restrictions apply to wearing neon as they do wearing leopard.  Make sure you limit the use of neon – and don’t be afraid to wear all one basic color and accessorize with a pop of neon!

Check out this great video with some of our favorite animal print and neon products!

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