Jewelry can be a great statement to top off your outfit. Jewelry helps to dress up your look in a fun way! In general department stores, jewelry can sometimes be similar or a little bland. I know when I am personally looking for jewelry, I really try to find something that is unique! Here at Urban Chic Boutique we recently got in a Petina Collection of jewelry and it stuck out to me instantly!

The Petina Collection is inspired by a copper look. The copper metal reaction occurs when exposed to oxygen. Petina is a film that develops on the surface of metal over a period of time. It can take days to even years for petina to occur naturally, because this can take so long the makers of petina took things into their own hands and can speed up the process for the purpose of getting the jewelry faster! These pieces are crafted uniquely and carefully to create a versatile stand out look! The Petina Collection features bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. This version of updated metal looks is versatile and easy to pair with any outfit!

Why should you add the Petina Collection to your wardrobe? It will stand out from the rest! Jewelry is something that stands out on an outfit. Adding jewelry can add pops to the outfit and make it more fun! The Petina Collection has gorgeous tones of copper color that will compliment any outfit! This collection is also extremely versatile. I can’t picture this jewelry looking bad with any outfit. This collection is different and really stands out from your typical gold or silver collection of jewelry!

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