Sandal Summer Trends

Everything fashion is always changing, so sandals are no different. What trends should you jump on this summer? Whatever you love! Obviously. However, we are seeing some trends that are sticking around, and I have to say for summer I am loving all of them!

Big trend, started coming in last summer and really hit hard again this year is the platform sandal. This sandal is perfect if you love wedges and like the extra height but want a little more modern look. This trend surfaced in the 70’s, it made a comeback in the 90’s and now its back in 2020. Crazy how fashion works. What goes away and then a decade later get a slight modification and comes right back in style. I love platform sandals because you can do all activities in them. A full day of work, go to the lake, and still be comfortable. The heel is the same across the whole shoe so it doesn’t put extra pressure anywhere- making it stylish and comfortable!

Wedges have and will always be in style. This summer low wedge heels are in. I prefer a low wedge myself, it is more functional for myself. Fashion in 2020 is definitely more about comfort and style combined. You will see a lot of trends going towards what is comfortable and what is cute. Wedges this year we are seeing the shoe fabric wrapping into the wedge and covering the whole shoe- giving more detail. I am loving our new set of wedges that came in- they have the low wedge, but I love that they have a Velcro strap. I must be super lazy because the second I saw this it was a huge win for me. I hate trying to get a little latch into the silly hole that I apparently can never figure out. Maybe it’s just me.

Another fun trend that we are seeing in sandals is the same we are seeing in apparel. Neon and animal prints. I love a good statement shoe. Especially in the summer, when it’s a hot day my go to look is a simple swing dress. I love dressing them up with a great pair of shoes and a necklace. So this fun neon and animal print trend is perfect. From cut out sandals- to just slip on sandals its just a perfect touch of sass.


The best trend is always to wear what makes you comfortable in your skin! Wear what you love, and love what you wear. Your confidence will radiate then!

Watch our video here on Talk Trends for Sandals, Sunshine & Summertime!

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