Jodi Krenz 6/2/2020

What is trending in swimwear?

I NEVER thought I would see this come back, but high cut thighs are trending. The great thing about living in Wisconsin, is trends trickle in from the coasts. New York, LA, and it give us time to hate the first site of them, laugh at the first site, think about when we last wore this trend (if ever for some of you!) And with passing time one of two things happen, either it catches on like wild fire, or trickles in and out and we never see it. And if it catches on, and we see it over and over, we start accepting it, and either fall in love with it and want it, or accept it for what it is on someone else’s body type!

Along with the high waist bottoms we are seeing a lot more detailing this year. Crisscrossed cut outs and ruffles! Ruffles on swimwear is in, off the shoulder ruffles as well as cinching on tops in the front. Pastels to brilliant colors are trending. Stripes, florals and we’re starting to see animal prints.

Time to get our swimsuits out as of today? I’d say summer is in full swing!

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