A Brami is an item of clothing that combines elements of a bra & camisole together.  With that being said, you may ask what about different size cups?  Some have a removable pad or a triple layered liner for extra coverage.  If cups are not fitting, you’re able to replace them with ones that do!  They are removable, & adjustable offering a fit for every body. 

We have a plethora of colors to choose from. Some are darker with thicker straps, whereas some incorporate the bright neon colors perfect for summer, with thinner straps.  Styles are meant to sit right above or below the belly button, wherever you prefer.  They’re SUPER soft, stretchy and offer coverage for all body types.

There are SOOOO many ways to wear these pieces.  You can pair them with a jogger, a high waisted pant, under a jacket, or with your favorite short or skirt.  Summer time, I would wear them with a pair of high waisted denim shorts, your favorite sandal & grab a lightweight cardigan if you get chilly easily.  Going into the fall, I’d pair it with a long flannel, dark skinny jeans & your favorite pair of Blowfish shoes.

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