Who Wants A Free Tote?

Ahh, sweet summertime. The scent of white claws, mosquito repellent, humidity & Lysol wipes. Summer 2020 has dealt us some surprises, but has given us amazing fashion trends. Today I will be talking about my favorite pieces. Happening July 12-14th save 30% off anything that fits in this bag with a minimum purchase of $75. PLUS, score this adorable canvas handbag for FREE($69 value!) You all know how much Kelsey likes her free stuff. Especially when I get to pick out a kick-butt outfit & get something for FREE!

I have to start off with the basics. Bralette’s are my favorite piece of clothing, hands down. At Urban Chic Boutique, we carry multiple sizes, colors, styles & fits of bralettes to offer an option for everyone! I’m a fan of pairing up a backless top with a lace bralette. It gives off a sexy vibe, without being too revealing. Many of our bralettes, like our Stretch Lace Bralette, have removable cups as well. I personally love to match up a lacey back bralette over a strapless bra for a cute chic look, while keepin the ladies in place as I run around throughout the day. Another fav of bralette’s is.... THEY’RE SO COMFY! Designed in Los Angeles, our “Stretch” Bralette is complete with 10% spandex to give a little more stretch, breathability & comfort. Let me tell you, I'm a sucker for comfy. My second easy go-to is a romper. I’m loving the Radish romper. Emphasizing some buttons & ruffles near the chest, this is perfect for a warm & humid summer night. Pair it up with some bronze wedges or sandals & a denim jacket for later, and boom! Instant easy & comfy outfit. I’m either wearing this to the lake, or it’s in my bag for later.

Denim shorts are a NEED for us Wisconsinites right now. It’s been what, 85° on a normal day?!? Holy cats! We sure get our winters bad, but our summers are SO HUMID. Nothings worse than being hot and sticky in clothing. Nope. No Way. I find myself loving my Stretch Shorts. Made from 100% organic cotton & recycled polyester, these are my go-to bottoms. If its not stretchy & breathable shorts, it’s cropped leggings. You’ll catch me in these out & about running errands alllllll summer long.

Okay, so I know I'm not the only one who is obsessed with tie dye again this year. It gives me the vibes of being a youngster & dying shirts with my parents. As an adult, they’re not just a “crew neck white t shirt.” They’re a little bit more stylish. One of my top picks is our Tye Dye top with pink hues. I love the softer pastel color feel & accentuates my tan perfectly. It incorporates a side slit & a pocket, for ya know, your White Claw drink! Perfect & easy outfit, as this pattern is to DYE for.

Something I always have in my car during the year is a cute hat. Sometimes I got that good ol’ second day hair going on, or I'll be outside for a while & need one. I’m a fan of going for brighter colors to go with my hair. The Wesson cap features a little niche for your ponytail. Now you get the best of both worlds. Hair up, hat on & head out to rock n roll!

A quick way to spice up any outfit is a cute pair of earrings. My favorite this season, & going into the fall season is the Liza’s Pittsburgh earrings. There’s a color for every day & every mood. These earrings are super duper lightweight, & feature a twill design. Again, who wants to wear heavy jewelry on a 90°F day. Not little Kelsey.

I can’t forget about the shoes, my ladies. One of my versatile picks is our Nelly wedge, featuring an ankle buckle & a little bit of a heel. My clumsy self can’t do heels, but I can wear these. Also, they come in ½ sizes for tricky feet like my own. Available starting 5.5 up to a size 11 in bronze & pewter. These bad boys will be on your feet all summer & fall.

There you have it, my summer weaknesses. I love to be comfortable & cute at the same time. Now’s the time to score big deals on unique & exquisite fashion, here at Urban Chic Boutique. Thanks for checking out my lifesaver clothing picks & we’ll see you soon!

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